Accelerated Level 1 Open for Registration



Cindy Locher is offering an Accelerated Level 1 program in June 2017.

Dates: Monday, June 12 through Sunday, June 18, 2017

Contact Cindy Locher directly for class fees and registration information:

This class is limited to 8 students; currently 6 seats are available (as of this posting).

If previous Level 1 courses didn’t work out for you because of the more lengthy schedule, this is your opportunity to complete your Level 1 Hypnotherapy program in a fun and fast accelerated program!

Who is this training for?

–Those already in a helping profession looking to add hypnotherapy to their skill set;

–Those who took a hypnosis training previously but did not achieve the confidence to practice;

–Those looking for a new, fulfilling career;

–And those who are looking to better understand the human mind for their own personal development.

What you will learn

The Level 1 Hypnotherapy curriculum is a broad curriculum in client-centered hypnotherapy, designed to give you a solid foundation upon which to build more sophisticated skills and your hypnosis career.  Level 1 covers:

Students completing this course satisfactorily will be conferred the title of Master Hypnotist.

Course Texts:  The Art of Hypnosis and The Art of Hypnotherapy, C. Roy Hunter


-Introduction to Hypnosis. Overview of history of hypnosis; demonstrations and explanations.

-A day in the life of a hypnotherapist; first contact, consultation, forms, practice.

-Demonstration of power of imagination, establishing type of induction to use; client agreements.

-Nature of hypnosis and the nature of suggestion.

-Myths and misconceptions about hypnosis.

-The Rules of the Mind

-A scientific understanding of hypnosis: brainwaves and neurology of trance states

-Hypnotic Modalities

-Suggestibility types.

-Conducting suggestibility tests.

-Using suggestibility tests to understand your client’s suggestibility type.

-The six basic induction types; explanation of induction types, techniques, discussion, and demonstrations.

-Finding the right induction for your client

-The 7 ways the mind goes into the hypnotic state.

-Deepening and Awakening.

-Testing for depth & convincers; Ideomotor responses; supervised practice.

-Recognizing the outward signs of trance.

-Convincers & Post Hypnotic Suggestions; learn to convince the client they are truly hypnotized.

-Utilization principle; ratifying trance states.


-Differences between theraputic and non-theraputic suggestions, direct and indirect suggestions

and suggestion structure.

-Double binds.


-How hypnotherapy differs from other therapies.

-Authoritarian/Paternal & Direct/Permissive styles

-Creating rapport.

-Conducting the pre‑induction interview; eliciting information from the client.

-Establishing realistic goals with the client.

-Scope of practice and ethics of the profession.

-The Peaceful Place technique.

-The Four Cornerstones of Successful Hypnotherapy: Suggestion and imagery, discover the cause, release, subconscious relearning.

-Developing your hypnotic presence: use of voice and vocal modulation, pacing, volume, to create and manage trance.

-Trance management

-The Benefits Approach: Suggestibility & imagination, imaging benefits of new habits, scripting.

-Guided imagery, programmed imagery, open-screen imagery, desensitization, reframing, object projection, verbalizing, pitfalls.

-Metaphor as a learning tool for release & relearning.

-Fork in the Road; Garden; Home in the Mind metaphors and others.

-Paris Window technique.

-Kinesthetic metaphor for release.

-Anchoring and Triggers
-Uncovering Subconscious Blocks: Techniques to help discover the cause(s) of subconscious resistance to change, ideo‑motor responding, subconscious psychodynamics;
introduction to regression techniques.

-Basics of Regression Therapy

-Ideomotor signals

-Recognizing and handling abreactions.

-Subconscious Direct Questioning Technique

-Strategies for Weight Release, Smoking Cessation and Stress Management.

This class is limited to 8 students.  Don’t hesitate, contact me today,, to register or for more information.