Age Regression Workshop


Age Regression Workshop

This 2 day workshop on the correct use of Age Regression is based on Roy Hunter’s work and teachings and is led by Jody Kimmell, CHt.

Recommended text:  The Art of Hypnotic Regression Therapy: A Clinical Guide (Crown House Publishing, 2012).

  • Background information – 3 hours

The Four Hypnotic Steps to Facilitate Change (hypnotherapy objectives).
Ideomotor responses to determine whether or not to employ regression.
What IS hypnotic regression therapy (HRT), and which hypnotic objectives can it fulfill?
When is regression appropriate?
The difference between guiding and leading.

  • In-depth explanation of regression – 4 to 5 hrs.

Phase 1: Client Preparation
Phase 2: Regression Techniques to Discover the Cause
Phase 3: Abreactions and Release
Phase 4: Subconscious Relearning
Phase 5: Concluding the Session

  • Role Play and Demonstrations (repeated as time permits) – 2 hours

Facilitator demonstration followed by discussion.
Roleplay of an interesting case (will you be the one to find the key to resolution?).
Additional demonstration(s) as time permits.

  • Supervised HRT practice sessions – 2 hours

Group discussion of challenges encountered during practice sessions – ½ hr.
Past life regressions: fact or fantasy? – 3 hours
Ethics, possible explanations, techniques, and demonstration (time permitting).

  • Repeated demonstrations – as time permits.


2 Day Certification Workshop

$279 per person

Email Jody at to register

Please type “Age Regression Workshop” in the subject line