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How to Create Change with Your Client

Helping Your Client Find and Follow Their Pathway to Change This is an article I wrote for recent graduates of the Midwest Hypnotherapy Academy; however, it’s a good read for practitioners with any length of experience.  In this article I share some of the underlying causes behind people’s presenting issues and a look at the […]

Hypnotic Radio Hour with Guest Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas

On this episode of The Hypnotic Radio Hour  we have Shelley Stockwell Nicholas as our guest. Shelley is President of the International Hypnosis Federation. Dr Shelley is an award winning instructor and best-selling author of 14 self-help books, 35 CDs and DVD courses. She was the host of the nationally syndicated television show “Backtrack” (“Regressiones” […]

New Radio Show: What’s it like to be a hypnotherapist?

If you’re considering becoming a hypnotist or hypnotherapist, you have questions! (I know, because I know I did!) Back when I decided to take my training, I wanted to know lots of things. Like, can I make a living at this? (I certainly have been able to, and give thanks every day!).  Also, I wanted […]

Why I became a hypnotherapist-and you might too!

We are busily enrolling people int our training. I’m talking to so many people and it’s such an exciting time, and talking to all these people who are just beginning their hypnotic journeys (or continuing them) got me to thinking about why I became a hypnotherapist and what it’s meant to me and my family. […]

Using hypnosis to heal body and mind

The article below is a reprint of an article from the New York Times HealthScience section. My husband, Richard, smoked cigarettes for 50 years, having failed several attempts to quit on his own. When a friend told him in August 1994 that hypnosis had enabled her to quit, he decided to give it a try. […]