Certified Self Hypnosis Instructor Program


When I was a brand new hypnotherapist, one of the first things I did was to pursue opportunities to teach Self Hypnosis Workshops in my community. I knew that doing so was one of the fastest ways to become known in my community, to establish credibility, and to get clients.  I quickly began teaching at a community college near me, where I still teach to this day. Over the years I have refined how and what I teach, made many mistakes that I’ve learned from, and refined my approach tremendously over those early days.  Teaching self hypnosis has brought me increased credibility, clients, students, of course a direct income from teaching, and a great deal of personal satisfaction.

Now I would like to pass on what I’ve learned over the years to you!

~ Cindy Locher, BCH, MNLP

The Midwest Hypnotherapy Academy’s Certified Self Hypnosis Instructor Program


Why should you consider becoming a Certified Self Hypnosis Instructor?

Increase your income, client base and credibility by earning this important credential from the Midwest Hypnotherapy Academy.

Benefit from Cindy Locher’s years of teaching Self Hypnosis at the college level.  No reason to reinvent the wheel or wonder what is the best way to present information to your students.  Receive proven materials, handouts, scripts and exercises so that you are your students’ expert, right away.

Learn multiple ways to offer your workshops, for little to no out of pocket cost.  Plus, you actually get paid to advertise your practice!


What you’ll learn through this home study certification program:

  • How to explain Self Hypnosis in a way that people accept and understand.
  • How to teach your students a simple, reliable method of inducing Self Hypnosis.
  • How to write self suggestions to address a variety of issues including fear, anger, guilt, pain, stress, habits and more.
  • To teach your students to write their own scripts for personal use.
  • Show your students how to create metaphors to communicate in the language of the subconscious mind for faster results.
  • How to incorporate self hypnosis into your students’ day for managing stress and achieving goals.
  • How to price and promote your workshops so that you add to your income through teaching (and attract clients at the same time!).

This complete, turn-key program includes

  • A complete manual, including topics, lecture notes, the order to introduce topics in and how to structure your workshop to maximize your students’ hypnotic experience;
  • Scripts for group hypnosis processes that incorporate the post hypnotic suggestions for self hypnosis and teach your students how to recognize and enhance their own hypnotic depth;
  • Ready to copy handouts;
  • Ready to customize posters and advertisements;
  • Audio instruction;
  • Royalty free hypnosis background music that you can use in your workshops and even in client sessions or to make your own hypnosis CDs!

This program covers everything that your students need in order to understand self hypnosis, create their own self hypnosis programming, and establish confidence in an effective, self hypnosis personal practice, all delivered in digital files.

Your students will come away from your workshop understanding the answers to their most common questions:

  • What is Self Hypnosis?
  • What is the scientific basis for Self Hypnosis?
  • How does Self Hypnosis create change?
  • Can Self Hypnosis help me manage my stress?
  • Can I use Self Hypnosis to manage chronic pain?
  • What is the best way to communicate with my subconscious mind?
  • How do I know that I’m really getting into Self Hypnosis?
  • How to write scripts for myself?
  • How to write guided imagery and metaphor, going beyond “affirmations.”
  • How does the brain/mind work?
  • and much more…

This program contains everything you need to launch your career as a Certified Self Hypnosis Instructor.  You benefit from the lessons Cindy Locher has learned over the years, teaching to a wide variety of audiences, in a wide variety of situations.  

You’ll have the answers to questions like:teaching

  • How to set up the classroom, what is the best use of the space?
  • Where should I be when I take the students into guided hypnosis?
  • What do I do when I am not allowed to change the classroom set up?
  • How can I incorporate music and lighting to enhance my students’ experience?
  • Am I allowed to promote myself and are there any restrictions?
  • How can I ethically get my students’ contact information so I can keep in touch with them?
  • How should I structure my workshop to get the best results for my students?
  • What do I do about the person who doesn’t seem to be going into Self Hypnosis?

 Plus, you’ll receive royalty free background music to play during the guided hypnosis portion of your workshop (you can also use this music in your client sessions!).

Teaching is a great way to gain experience, comfort and confidence with your subject matter, be viewed as a credible expert in your subject matter, increase your client base and earn an income while you do so.

Your investment in the Midwest Hypnotherapy Academy Certified Self Hypnosis Instructor Program will pay off quickly, in fact you will probably recoup your investment the very first time you offer this class.  After that, it’s all additional income (and positive exposure!) for you and your practice.

How much can you charge?  This workshop is designed to be offered as a 2.5 to 3 hour workshop. You should be able to easily charge $20 to $25 per instruction hour per student. At $65 per student x 10 students your income for a workshop is $650, over double the cost of this program. Not to mention the likelihood of those students coming to you for sessions once they know and trust you and see you as their hypnosis authority. Over the years, teaching hypnosis workshops has brought me many, many private clients and students for the MHA Hypnotherapy Certification program, adding tens of thousands in income over and above the revenue from teaching the classes themselves.

Unlike other programs that may sell you workshop information or an outline and scripts, this program also provides you with a Certification Credential.  Yes, there is a test at the end of this program and when you complete and return the test, you will receive your certification, and to add to your brochures, website and business cards, reflecting your credential and increasing your credibility.

So, what is your investment in this program?  Just $295!

If you’re like me, this program will pay off for years to come and jump-start your hypnotherapy practice to a higher level!

Place your order today!  I am in the middle of writing this program now, and will be delivering these in just a few weeks, and I am taking pre-orders through the end of February for the reduced price of $280.

  Certified Self Hypnosis Instructor Program PRE-ORDER SPECIAL $280 USD