Cindy Locher speaking at International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy conference


Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 9.08.41 PMCindy Locher will again be speaking at the IMDHA (International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association) annual conference in May, 2015 in Daytona, Florida.

Cindy has been accepted to speak again on her topic, Blood Sugar Regulation and Emotions.  Numerous studies have linked blood sugar imbalances to fear formation, lack of focus, “mental fog,” obesity and overweight conditions, addictions, sexual dysfunction, mood and anger issues, insomnia, infertility , and PMS.

Although the client is unlikely to be aware of this as the underlying cause of their presenting issue, if you have good reason to suspect that it is a possible underlying cause and it is not addressed, you risk treating the symptom but leaving the cause in place. In this case the symptoms will recur, or will arise again in another form.  In this workshop you will discover the little known impact of blood sugar regulation on weight, mood, anxiety, sleep, motivation and more.

In addition, Cindy will be presenting a longer workshop, Consumer Psychology and Pricing Strategy for Hypnotists.  The first question every new (and many seasoned) hypnotists ask is, “what should I charge?” Chances are you’ve either chosen to charge less than the competition in a bid to draw business from them, or priced yourself in the middle of the pack, where it’s “safe.” Learn from a veteran of Fortune 100 and 500 companies how pricing strategy really works, and how pricing affects consumer psychology. Learn what a pricing “position” is, and what yours is now, and where you’d like to move to. Find out what is the one and only pricing position that sets you (and your clients) up for success in the long run. Learn how to discount without doing damage to your business’s position and how to break the “negotiation addiction.”

More information on the IMDHA and the annual conference in May 2015 can be found here.