Hypnotherapy Level 1


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Hypnosis Level 1

Level 1 is foundational and is a prerequisite for all further Advanced Hypnotherapy courses.

Level 1 is comprised of 108 hours of student/instructor interaction; 18 hours practicum sessions; 75 hours of outside class time investment (video, audio and reading assignments). Total time investment of 201 hours. (For a complete overview of the investment hours for the complete program, please refer to the Hypnotherapy Training page.)

Students completing this course satisfactorily will be conferred the title of Master Hypnotist.

Course Texts:  The Art of Hypnosis and The Art of Hypnotherapy, C. Roy Hunter


-Introduction to Hypnosis. Overview of history of hypnosis; demonstrations and explanations.

-A day in the life of a hypnotherapist; first contact, consultation, forms, practice.

-Demonstration of power of imagination, establishing type of induction to use; client agreements.

-Nature of hypnosis and the nature of suggestion.

-Myths and misconceptions about hypnosis.

-The Rules of the Mind

-A scientific understanding of hypnosis: brainwaves and neurology of trance states

-Hypnotic Modalities

-Suggestibility types.

-Conducting suggestibility tests.

-Using suggestibility tests to understand your client’s suggestibility type.

-The six basic induction types; explanation of induction types, techniques, discussion, and demonstrations.

-Finding the right induction for your client

-The 7 ways the mind goes into the hypnotic state.

-Deepening and Awakening.

-Testing for depth & convincers; Ideomotor responses; supervised practice.

-Recognizing the outward signs of trance.

-Convincers & Post Hypnotic Suggestions; learn to convince the client they are truly hypnotized.

-Utilization principle; ratifying trance states.


-Differences between theraputic and non-theraputic suggestions, direct and indirect suggestions

and suggestion structure.

-Double binds.


-How hypnotherapy differs from other therapies.

-Authoritarian/Paternal & Direct/Permissive styles

-Creating rapport.

-Conducting the pre‑induction interview; eliciting information from the client.

-Establishing realistic goals with the client.

-Scope of practice and ethics of the profession.

-The Peaceful Place technique.

-The Four Cornerstones of Successful Hypnotherapy: Suggestion and imagery, discover the cause, release, subconscious relearning.

-Developing your hypnotic presence: use of voice and vocal modulation, pacing, volume, to create and manage trance.

-Trance management

-The Benefits Approach: Suggestibility & imagination, imaging benefits of new habits, scripting.

-Guided imagery, programmed imagery, open-screen imagery, desensitization, reframing, object projection, verbalizing, pitfalls.

-Metaphor as a learning tool for release & relearning.

-Fork in the Road; Garden; Home in the Mind metaphors and others.

-Paris Window technique.

-Kinesthetic metaphor for release.

-Anchoring and Triggers
-Uncovering Subconscious Blocks: Techniques to help discover the cause(s) of subconscious resistance to change, ideo‑motor responding, subconscious psychodynamics;
introduction to regression techniques.

-Basics of Regression Therapy

-Ideomotor signals

-Recognizing and handling abreactions.

-Subconscious Direct Questioning Technique

-Strategies for Weight Release, Smoking Cessation and Stress Management.

-Puttting it together & Exam

-One day workshop for review, practice and Basic Exam.

Additional requirements for certification: Outside reading; plus selected video and audio assignments; session practicum, details explained in the class; other assignments TBA. 18 practicum sessions conducted outside of classroom time.

Students who miss classes may complete required hours through rental of an audio or videotape of the missed class, or in a manner approved by the instructor. If additional instructor time is required to make up the student absence, additional instructional fees may apply.

On completion the student will receive a certificate as a “Master Hypnotist.”


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