How often is your training offered?

We generally offer the full 410 hour program twice a year. We begin the process of interviewing and accepting students in December/January and then again in August/September.


What does this training qualify me to do?

Level 1 is designed to give you a foundation in understanding how hypnosis works and how to get clients in and out of the hypnotic trance.  It is the prerequisite to our other trainings for students with no prior experience in hypnosis. This level of training provides you with the knowledge and techniques to move people in and out of the hypnotic state, to produce some hypnotic phenomena with people, to understand the “why’s” behind hypnosis and to deliver some basic beneficial suggestions.  Level 1 then takes your training to the next level increasing your scope so that you can begin working with habits and behavioral changes.  Note that you do not need to complete the full 410 hours of training to practice or to bring quality skills to your existing medical or mental health practice.   Completion of Level 1 is required to provide a strong foundation prior to starting to work with private clients.  Hypnosis 301 and 401 can be taken at a later time, when you have more client experience and are ready to take your skills to the next level.


Which level of training should I choose?

If you have no prior experience with hypnosis or client work, you must begin with Level 1.  If you have previous instruction and experience either in hypnosis/hypnotherapy, or as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Marriage and Family Practitioner, Registered Nurse or similar, we should meet to discuss the appropriate level for you to begin with.  If you haven’t had any formal training in the use of hypnosis, or a program of 100 hours or less, we will probably recommend that you begin with Level 1, because you will need those skills in order to use the more advanced techniques taught in 301 and up.


What does my tuition include?

Your tuition includes, of course, high quality hypnosis training with a highly qualified instructor.  Cindy is a full time practicing hypnotherapists, so you gain the benefit of learning from their successes and mistakes.

Books and other materials; access to video and audio course materials;

A student membership to the IMDHA

A ready to frame certificate upon satisfactory completion of each level.

Is your school licensed with the State of Minnesota?

Yes, the Midwest Hypnotherapy Academy is a Minnesota State Licensed School, through the Department of Higher Education.  Why should that matter to you?  It is a level of assurance that we are under oversight by the State, to provide you with the quality education that we are representing here.  While the practice of hypnosis does not require a license in the State of Minnesota, operating a school does.  These regulations prevent fly-by-night “trainers” from setting up and running inferior trainings and then leaving the state or shutting down shop.  Basically, you know we are real and are here to stay.  Currently, we are one of only 2 licensed schools of hypnotherapy in operation in the state.  Becoming licensed by the state as a school is an expensive and time-consuming process, and that guarantees that only people who are serious about investing in providing quality education on a long term basis will go to the expense and effort to complete the process.

Is your school bonded?

Yes.  The Department of Higher Education requires that a licensed school be bonded.  This gives you further assurance of the stability of the organization, as not just anyone can obtain a bond; the background and credit of both the corporation and the individual behind it must meet a high level of requirement for the bond to be issued.


Some questions to think about as you consider your choice of instruction:

How do I learn best?

Do you learn well in a self-paced manner, as is common with distance education? Or do you learn better in a live instruction situation, with hand’s-on practice, and the opportunity to have your questions answered real time by a practicing hypnotherapist?  Cindy sees between 15 and 20 clients a week, and has been in practice full time since 2007.  Our program is taught with an emphasis on experiential practice.  One of the comments from our past graduates is that they had so much practice in class that they felt confident to jump right into client work, some even before graduation.


How much time can I devote to learning hypnotherapy?

Our program is one of the longer and more robust offered in the United States.  Our schedule is designed to give you ample time for completing the out of the classroom assignments, practicing with willing victims family and friends,  (just kidding!), and assimilating the learnings between instruction meetings.  Please take a look at our schedule.   The full 410 hours of instruction qualifies you for admittance to the prestigious International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA) as a full member.  Membership in a recognized and supportive professional organization is a key to success and membership in the IMDHA sets you apart as having completed the most rigorous training available in our profession.  If you can’t devote the required amount of time right now to learning a valuable new skill set, then be honest with yourself.  We want you to be ready to succeed!