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Next Free Informational Sessions:  Saturday, August 9th, Noon to 2 PM and Tuesday, August 19th from Noon to 2 PM


Feel Confident in Your Choice of Hypnotherapy Instruction

Here at MHA, we want you to choose our program because you feel it’s the right fit for you, for your needs, at this time in your life.

Some questions to think about as you consider your choice of instruction:

How do I learn best?

Do you learn well in a self-paced manner, as is common with distance education? Or do you learn better in a live classroom, with hand’s-on practice, and the opportunity to have your questions answered real time by a practicing hypnotherapist?  Both Jody & Cindy see between 10 and 20 clients a week, and have been in practice full time since 2007.  Our program is taught in a live classroom, with an emphasis on experiential practice.  One of the comments from our past graduates is that they had so much practice in class that they felt confident to jump right into client work, some even before graduation.


How much time can I devote to learning hypnotherapy?

Our program is one of the longer and more robust offered in the United States.  Our schedule is designed to give you ample time for completing the out of the classroom assignments, practicing with willing victims family and friends,  (just kidding!), and assimilating the learnings between classroom instruction.  Please take a look at our schedule.  Each module represents 55 hours of combined classroom instruction and outside of classroom assignments and practice.  The full 220 hours of instruction qualifies you for admittance to the prestigious International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA).  Membership in a recognized and supportive professional organization is a key to success and membership in the IMDHA sets you apart as having completed the most rigorous training available in our profession.  If you can’t devote the required amount of time right now to learning a valuable new skill set, then be honest with yourself.  We want you to be ready to succeed!

What type of instructor do I resonate with?

photo-17Just as it is important in a client/practitioner relationship, rapport with your instructor is a key to fully integrating new learnings in the study of hypnotherapy.  Cindy and Jody are passionate about hypnosis and are full time practicing hypnotherapists with years of experience to share with you.  We are also fun people, who don’t take ourselves too seriously.  So, while we ARE serious about the training, practice and profession of hypnosis, you will also have an enjoyable and light-hearted classroom environment.

Is hypnotherapy right for me?

The reasons for learning hypnotherapy are as diverse as our students.  You may choose to learn hypnotherapy to complement an existing skill set.  Hypnotherapy is a useful tool for Registered Nurses, M.D.s, and practicing licensed mental health professionals such as Marriage and Family Counselors and MSWs.  Hypnotherapy training is often pursued as a path to answer your own personal questions about your inner world and how to live a happier, healthier life. Some learn so that they can help loved ones.  Massage therapists, Reiki therapists and others find that learning hypnotherapy enables them to both understand and further help their clients to reach a state where they can best integrate the healing offered by those modalities.  And of course, you may decide that a career in hypnotherapy is an exciting new chapter of life that you desire to pursue.  Whatever your reason for learning hypnotherapy, once you learn and integrate the learnings you will never be able to see your inner, or outer, world in quite the same way again. It is truly life-changing.


Find out for yourself.

Come to our next scheduled free seminar to anyone who is interested in studying here at MHA. You will leave with your questions answered, and a greater knowledge of what hypnotherapy is all about.

Cindy & Jody will explain the basics of hypnotherapy and through this interactive workshop.  Enjoy a demonstration and be ready to have all your questions answered.  This mini workshop will open up your awareness to the benefits of becoming a professional in this field as well as expanding your understanding of hypnotherapy.

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