Graduate Spotlight: Kelli von Heydekampf


Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 2.34.45 PMKelli von Heidekampf is a graduate of the Midwest Hypnotherapy Academy and owner/operator of West Metro Hypnosis in Edina, Minnesota.  Kelli opened her practice after obtaining her certification at the MHA.  We are delighted to feature Kelli in this Graduate Spotlight.

Graduate Spotlight:

Tell us a little about yourself and your background.  What would people enjoy knowing about you?

My life journey is quite different from the typical. The short version is that I am a mother of 3 uniquely different daughters and a wife of 22 years to a passionate German. In addition to those roles, I wear the hat of entrepreneur, Certified Professional Hypnotist, Professional Speaker, Coach and Confidant. On a personal level, I continue to be passionate about the power of the mind and have found my calling in practicing hypnosis. I enjoy experiencing life in all of its facets and am realizing more and more that we really are only scratching the surface. I find great joy in helping people discover their own power.

What certification trainings did you take at the MHA and when did you graduate from those?

I graduated Level 3 in April 2015 and Basic NLP in January of 2015. I continue to seek continuing education opportunities both formal and informal as the ability to expand the understanding of this work is endless.

What prompted you to seek certification in hypnotherapy?

My personal interest in the power of the mind lead me to the path of certification even though it was not my initial intention to go into practice. I wanted the skills for myself and things evolved from there.

How has gaining certification as a hypnotherapist affected your life?

It has allowed me to combine my spiritual beliefs with the science of how the mind works. I now have an avenue to fully take advantage of my competencies.

What is your favorite thing about being a hypnotherapist?

I help create possibilities for people where they only see limitations. I introduce people to their own awesomeness–I get to tell them that they DO have the solution and that they CAN create a desired experience. I create space for people to experience things that they would not experience anywhere else. I get to wake people up! One of my favorite experiences was with a client who came to see my for weight loss. She knew part of her issue was 14 years of anger and grief that she was holding onto. In hypnosis, I was able to ask her what she needed in order to let all of this go and move on with her life. Her response was, “I can only think of a heart transplant.” In any other space, that idea would have seemed ridiculous. In my office, she not only came up with the answer for herself, she also had the space to use her imagination and go through with that transplant. She was quiet for awhile and when I asked her if she wanted to share what was going on in her mind, she replied, “It’s taking longer because the new heart is so big that it doesn’t fit right now so they are making more room for it–but it’s almost done and it’s working.” That client was able to give herself exactly what she needed. That is very satisfying for me.

In what ways has learning hypnosis benefitted you, personally?

I am able to create my own experience at any given time. 

What issues or areas do you specialize in?

I like working with the person who is saying to themselves, “I know there is a better way, I just don’t know how to get there.” What I love about this work is that the issue doesn’t matter–there is ALWAYS a solution and I am going to help you find it. That being said, I take particular satisfaction in working with people who are dealing with pain and health issues to provide them with relief and healing.

Where do you see yourself/your practice in the future?

I see myself as an established expert in this field; a professional who continues to grow, develop and expand my skills, knowledge and experience to ensure that my clients receive the highest quality of service. I continue to develop and grow my personal practice of hypnosis in my own life so I am truly someone who talks the talk and walks the walk, demonstrating what a powerful modality hypnosis is.

How can people contact you?

Kelli von Heydekampf, Certified Professional Hypnotist