Graduate Testimonials


Comments from a few of of our past graduates.


“I LOVED every single minute of this training.  Personally, hypnosis combines the best of science and spiritual  and offers a practical tool that I can use in my every day life without having to spending years learning or perfecting it.  I am so grateful for having been introduced to it by Cindy and can’t wait to continue my training.”

Kelli von Heydekampf


The Foundations in Hypnosis course is a great introduction to the world of hypnosis. In two days, a lot of ground is covered. For anyone wondering whether they should commit to training as a hypnotist, this course will help you decide. Beside the fact the course is free, the instructors are ‘totally on top of their game’. I researched several other hypnosis schools; the Foundations course convinced me M.H.A. is the right school for me.
Jeff Bellis

 “The Foundations in Hypnosis course is outstanding! It provided valuable information about how the mind works, specific hypnosis training and hands-on experience practicing hypnosis. I highly recommend this course!”   Susan Nelson


Dear Cindy!

Thank you SO much for Hypnosis training. I learned SO much as I really knew very little about Hypnosis. It was fascinating…. and I am shocked that I actually have learned how to put someone in a hypnotic state!

And being Hypnotized felt so good. My body felt a deep peace.

I am very thankful for the training and I am very interested to learn more from you two!

Blessings and hugs!

Jan Rolfe


Dear Cindy,
I want to express my gratitude and thanks to the both of you for this past weekend’s “Foundations in Hypnosis” course.  Your agenda and sequential layout of your seminar were well thought out and delivered professionally with a keen emphasis on the student body (us).
As mentioned, I will be coming back in the near future to further my learning/understanding (and to get credentialed) on/for delivering or empowering others to utilize (or direct) the powers/benefits of this relaxing regimen… hypnosis for a positive change.
Best regards,
Aaron S.
Cindy presented the Foundations of Hypnosis class in an organized and easy to understand manner. They gave us time to ask questions throughout. The class was able to experience hypnosis first hand and we also were able to practice what we learned during the class. It was a fun and low key atmosphere and we all had fun learning!
Carolyn Johnson