Hypnotherapy 301


Hypnosis 301: Advanced Hypnotherapy

Course Text: The Art of Hypnotherapy, C. Roy Hunter

Prerequisites:  Level 1

SUMMARY:  This class is designed to teach advanced applications of hypnosis, with emphasis on parts therapy for inner conflict resolution. The successful hypnotherapist must also know how to discover the cause(s) of subconscious resistance, to facilitate release, and to enable subconscious re-learning. Prerequisite: Basic Hypnosis AND Intermediate Hypnotherapy.
-Introduction to Parts Therapy: What Is Parts Therapy

Hypnotherapy 301 is comprised of 66 hours of classroom interaction; 9 hours of practicum sessions; 37.5 hours of outside class time investment (video, audio and reading assignments). Total time investment of 112.5 hours. Level 1 plus 301 totals 297 hours of training (with 158 hours of teacher contact), and qualifies the graduate for membership in the IMDHA, if attendance of 6 Practice Evenings has been achieved.  (For a complete overview of the investment hours for the complete program, please refer to the Hypnotherapy Training page.)

Students satisfactorily completing 301 will be conferred the title of Hypnotherapist.

-Preparation Phase of Parts Therapy

-Parts therapy protocol

-A “Miracle on Demand”

-Working With Children

-Sports Enhancement

-Regressions for peak performance and confidence triggers

Additional requirements for certification: Outside reading; plus selected video and audio assignments; session practicum, details explained in the class; other assignments TBA.

Students who miss classes may complete required hours through rental of a videotape of the missed class, or in a manner approved by the instructor. If additional instructor time is required to make up the student absence, additional instructional fees may apply.

Required text:  The Art of Hypnotherapy (Roy Hunter)