Hypnotic Radio Hour on Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)


Join Cindy and Jody for a discussion about NLP.

What is NLP?

In what types of situations is it helpful?

Is NLP just something for practitioners, or can it be beneficial in your career or other communications?

Neurolinguistic Programming, popularized in the 1980’s by Tony Robbins, is the study of how the brain stores, codes and retrieves information.  More than just a type of therapy, it is a way of framing the world and communications.  Learning and applying NLP to your life can help you to achieve greater results in any area.  NLP is the study of human excellence, and one of the basic underlying assumptions of NLP is that any effective behavior can be analyzed and reproduced–if you know how.

For me (Cindy) personally, NLP has been one of the most important and influential bodies of learning in my life, and has improved all of my work and communications, with clients, family and friends and my communications with my Self.  In my opinion, it is life changing.  I hope you enjoy this show!