Hypnotic Radio Hour with Guest Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas


On this episode of The Hypnotic Radio Hour  we have Shelley Stockwell Nicholas as our guest.

Shelley is President of the International Hypnosis Federation. Dr Shelley is an award winning instructor and best-selling author of 14 self-help books, 35 CDs and DVD courses. She was the host of the nationally syndicated television show “Backtrack” (“Regressiones” in Spanish) and makes guest appearances on hundreds of radio and television shows including Phil Donahue, Channel 9 News, Channel 11 News, Mike & Maty, The Other Side, Strange Universe, Van Praague’s Beyond, The Oxygen Network, and David Letterman. Dr. Shelley is regularly featured in periodicals like Entrepreneur Magazine, Redbook, USA Today, The Los Angeles Times, Women First, Women’s Day, and of course, The National Enquirer.

Shelley’s warm and intelligent energy shines through on this show, and she gives you real, useful information and tools to help manage your energy and emotions!

Learn more about Shelley at http://www.hypnosisfederation.com.