Jody Kimmell speaking at IMDHA conference in May


Our own Jody Kimmell, CHt, is conducting a workshop at the prestigious annual conference of the International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA), this May, 2015.

The topic is shown below.  Interested hypnotherapists can register for the workshop and find further information at



Young people with autism is a growing population in need of new alternatives in dealing with the challenges they face. You as a skilled hypnotist already have much of the tools and understanding to work with these people, but without specific training in what to do (and what not to do) specifically for this type of client, you could unwittingly miss out on the tremendous opportunities to increase quality of life, self acceptance and self esteem in your Aspergers/HFA client. Language is the biggest challenge in working with clients on the autism spectrum for hypnotists not specifically trained in working with this group. Learn how to build rapport and reach these clients, how to structure your sessions; which techniques do and do not work with clients with autism; the best use of language and more.


  •  Learn and understand how individuals with Aspergers understand language differently than those not on the spectrum
  •  Learn to communicate with this rewarding group of clients
  •  Learn the traits of Aspergers
  •  Understand how hypnosis can improve quality of life for this group of clients
  •  Learn to explain the fight or flight system & relaxation response to these clients
  •  Learn which techniques work with people on the spectrum and which do not, and why
  •  Discover the single biggest error you could unwittingly make in working with a client on the autism spectrum
  •  Learn how to create rapport with people on the spectrum