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Looking for the right hypnotherapy training?


Hi, Cindy & Jody with the Midwest Hypnotherapy Academy writing to you here.  We’ve both been through the process of finding the right hypnosis training, so we understand the decision you’re making.


And good for you for taking your time and gathering information.  This is a big decision.  There are so many factors to be considered. Cindy explored four other schools before deciding on HMI.  Jody explored several before deciding on HAA. We both chose the two most expensive schools available at the time, but that wasn’t why we chose them.


For both of us, the breadth and depth of the curriculum was critical.  We wanted to be able to practice and feel confident in our skill sets from the moment we graduated.  We wanted a school with an excellent reputation, and trainers we could respect. We wanted to know that we could offer hope and help to our clients, and get great results with multiple presenting issues, right from the beginning.


Why are we telling you this?  To be brutally honest, for selfish reasons.  We’re looking for students whose attitudes, priorities and mindsets are similar to our own.  We’re looking for students who value a quality education in a respected curriculum over and above getting a cheap diploma in hypnosis in a few weekends or less.  We’re looking for students who are passionate about hypnosis and want to start their life-long learning path on a solid first step.  And we want to be that first step for you.


We teach a 410 hour program using C. Roy Hunter’s Diversified Client Centered Hypnotherapy curriculum. The text books are two of the most respected in the field of hypnosis: The Art of Hypnosis, and The Art of Hypnotherapy, by C. Roy Hunter.  This curriculum has been taught at the college level since 1989.  And Roy continually updates the texts so they remain current and complete, authoritative resources.


Our 410 hour program qualifies you for membership in the prestigious International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA), the most rigorous and internationally well-respected hypnosis professional organization in the world, holding the highest standards in the field of hypnosis for instructional quality and hours of training in order to be accepted as a member.  And your instructors, Cindy and Jody, are dedicated to quality instruction and are passionate about hypnosis. We’ve been practicing hypnosis in Minnesota since 2007, and have a lot of experience to pass on to you.  Oh, and we have a lot of fun, too!


It’s not the fastest hypnosis diploma you can get. (If that’s what you’re looking for, please move on.) But if you are like us and value quality, we’d like to hear from you.


Watch the video below and then fill out the contact form beneath the video to receive more information about the MHA and an invitation to our next Foundations in Hypnosis Introductory Class.


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