Level 1 Hypnotherapy Training – Fall 2016

Learn to be the real deal at MHA!

Learn to be the real deal at MHA!

Fall is right around the corner and classes are forming now.

Level 1 will give you the skills you need to build a firm foundation for your practice of hypnosis, whether your intention is to open a clinical practice, apply new skills in your existing healthcare practice, or learn more about how the mind works to benefit yourself and your loved ones.

The curriculum consists of 92 classroom hours plus outside study and practicum sessions.  Practicum sessions are your practice sessions that you conduct outside of the class and this aspect of the training is crucial for developing your skills and confidence as a hypnotherapist.  Our program is designed to build your confidence from day one, because confidence in your skills as a hypnotist is the key ingredient to your success as a hypnotist.

Fall Level 1 will begin soon; class meetings will run into January 2017.  The reason for the extended timeframe of the course is so that you have time to practice and develop your skills (and therefore your confidence!).

Cindy is holding a free half-day the afternoon of Saturday, September 10th. Come see if this program is right for you–contact Cindy at cindylocher@minnesotahypnosis.com to RSVP or for more details.