MHA Graduate Spotlight – Rosemary Barenz


Rosemary BarenzRosemary Barenz is a  graduate of the Midwest Hypnotherapy Academy.  In this Graduate Spotlight, Rosemary shares with us the role hypnosis and hypnotherapy training is playing in her life.

Q. Tell us a little about yourself and your background.  What would people enjoy knowing about you?

I’m a musician. I lived in NYC for 25 years. I’ve worked in financial services and corporate training.

Q. What certification trainings did you take at the MHA and when did you graduate from those? 

Nov 2014 – Master Hypnotist; Jan 2015 – Basic NLP; Nov 2015 – Hypnotherapist; Dec 2015 – Medical Hypnotherapist.

Q.What prompted you to seek certification in hypnotherapy?

I attended one of MHA’s Foundations classes, and was so impressed with how the study of the mind and hypnosis was presented over those two days. On the second day, we paired off to practice putting someone in trance. I had been sitting next to someone who had found it difficult to be comfortable in the chairs due to chronic neck and shoulder pain. After I completed my turn at the trance exercise, Jody Kimmel, one of the instructors, who had been observing us without our knowing, approached my trance partner, and shared with her that during the trance exercise, she had for the first time that day been completely still. I was so struck with how her body and mind attended to her discomfort during and after the trance. It was my first glimpse of the power of the mind and hypnosis. I knew I wanted to learn more.

Q. How has gaining certification as a hypnotherapist affected your life?

Being certified is essential and makes me part of a larger professional community.

Q. What is your favorite thing about being a hypnotherapist?

I get a front row seat to that first ‘aha’ moment, when the client sees what they can achieve through the power of hypnosis. Hypnosis guides the client to their own answers, and that’s when healing occurs.

Q. In what ways has learning hypnosis benefitted you, personally? 

Thanks to the practice we as MHA students would do during class sessions, my chronic insomnia is history!

Q. What issues or areas do you specialize in?

My work is private and exclusive, focused and tailor-made to each client’s specific concerns. I am simply there to assist and guide when the client is ready to move forward.

Q. Where do you see yourself/your practice in the future?

Having experience as a corporate trainer, I may seek certification as a trainer of hypnosis.

Q. How can people contact you?

Contact me at and tell me briefly what you would like to explore in hypnosis, and to schedule an initial phone consultation.