MHA Trapeze Challenge

Release your fears and step into your brilliance!


Jody Kimmell flying the trapeze!

Jody Kimmell flying the trapeze!

Fire walking, schmire-walking.  Everyone knows by now that there are tricks to those events.

No tricks here!  Taking that first step (it’s a doozy!) off the platform into thin air on a professional trapeze rig is a true metaphor for releasing your fears and stepping into a bigger world and brighter future!


Experience this with Jody & Cindy (hey, if we can do it, chances are you can too.)

The ULTIMATE "climb to the top!"

The ULTIMATE “climb to the top!”

Yes, you’re on a harness.  Common sense says this is not for everyone, but if two almost-50 year old, not terribly athletic hypnosis instructors can do it, chances are you can too.  And regardless of your fitness level, the confidence gained from taking that step into nothingness carries learnings your subconscious mind will always remember! It’s not about being able to do tricks, it’s about taking that step!



Yeah, it's waaaay up there! "HEP!"

Yeah, it’s waaaay up there! “HEP!”

Cindy flies!

Cindy flies!

This is an optional activity that will be offered to you after you complete your program.  Reasons to experience it?  A great metaphor for leaving your fears behind and moving forward in a BIG way!  Learn a process and generate ideas for activities you can translate into your own practice!  And of course, photos that will leave your family and friends speechless!

Seriously, any time Cindy has doubts about taking a risk in life, she now takes out her picture of herself on the trapeze and thinks, “If I can do THIS, I can do ANYTHING.”

The look on your face afterward says it all!!

The look on your face afterward says it all!!

Make your life spectacular!