Mind/Body Techniques for Anxiety Class


Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 3.21.45 PMCindy Locher, BCH is offering a 4 hour workshop on mind/body techniques for anxiety reduction the afternoon of Saturday the 30th.  Details here.

This workshop is a great place to start to understand the client with anxiety issues, or add to your repertoire of skills and build your foundation for helping these folks.
Anxiety is tremendously on the rise and there is a growing need for people who do something more than just push meds.  90+ percent of the anxiety clients I see are already on meds-Xanax and the like-and the meds aren’t solving their problems.  I have even seen people get OFF their meds using hypnosis and these techniques (with their prescribing doctor’s guidance).  I have been told by MULTIPLE clients that they’ve never had anyone explain what was going on with them the way I did and they’ve thanked me for that. The explanation & information you’ll receive in this class helps people to reframe their anxious minds in a way that lets them stop feeling like there is “something wrong with them” or that there is an internal battle — an “enemy within.”  As you know, that which we resist, persists (thank you Jung!) and the understanding that I give in this workshop lets them stop resisting, which is at least half the battle.


You will learn what is happening in the brain/body when anxiety strikes, how to explain that to your anxious client (hint, they are highly intelligent and analytical), how to reframe the anxious response in a helpful way; and specific techniques your client can easily do that help to diminish anxiety in the moment.


This course is open to the public and is appropriate for both practitioners and people looking for solutions for themselves.  Find more details here.