New Radio Show: What’s it like to be a hypnotherapist?


If you’re considering becoming a hypnotist or hypnotherapist, you have questions! (I know, because I know I did!)

Back when I decided to take my training, I wanted to know lots of things. Like, can I make a living at this? (I certainly have been able to, and give thanks every day!).  Also, I wanted to know what will my day be like? What is seeing clients like?  And what should I be concerned about in looking for training?  Back then, there weren’t a lot of resources to answer these questions, so I emailed hypnotherapists in every state of the country, asking these questions.  Some of them were generous enough with their time that they emailed me back with answers.  Those people are still my friends to this day!  There’s more information out there now than there was all those years ago, and Jody & I decided to add to that information with our September 2014 radio show.

So, listen in, and learn what life is like for us, and hopefully your questions will be answered by listening.  And if not, then contact us and we’ll be glad to “pay forward” the time that others gave to me when I had all those questions!