The MHA at the IMDHA Conference 2017


I just flew back from the IMDHA conference and … well, you know the joke.  I’ll spare you the Henny Youngman humor!

Seriously, what a great conference!  I delivered a talk on an NLP technique called Chaining Anchors and a 2 hour workshop on Hypnotherapy for Sleep Issues. I have to say presenting to that room of 50+ was great fun!

The IMDHA conference is held in Daytona Beach, Florida over a 3 day weekend. The highlight of the conference is the Saturday night banquet and it was inspiring to have a full table for our MHA staff and graduates.  I hope more students and graduates can attend next year!

My heart is filled with gratitude to our students and staff, Roy Hunter and his lovely wife, Jo-Ann, and all the people at the IMDHA who make this event possible every year.

I’ll leave you with some pics of the MHA table at the banquet and moments from the conference — and I hope you imagine yourself in the picture next year!

Cindy Locher, BCH

Getting mic’d up for my talk.

Jeff Bellis, Pearl Phillips, Cindy Locher, Carolyn Johnson and Rosemary Barenz

Jody Kimmell, Cindy Locher, Pearl Phillips, Roy Hunter, Jo-Ann Hunter

Jeff Bellis and Carolyn Johnson — MHA Graduates and ChangeWorks Hypnosis Center staff.

Jody Kimmell, ChangeWorks staff and MHA Instructor

Rosemary Barenz, MHA Graduate

Pearl Phillips, MHA Graduate

Roy Hunter – IMDHA Fellow and author of our curriculum

Not pictured (but behind the camera): Craig Lang of Explore with Hypnosis 

Rosemary Barenz, Jeff Bellis, Carolyn Johnson, Jody Kimmell, Cindy Locher, Roy Hunter, Jo-Ann Hunter, Jessica Hansen