Why I became a hypnotherapist-and you might too!


Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 11.41.09 AMWe are busily enrolling people int our training. I’m talking to so many people and it’s such an exciting time, and talking to all these people who are just beginning their hypnotic journeys (or continuing them) got me to thinking about why I became a hypnotherapist and what it’s meant to me and my family.

Maybe some of my reasons ring a bell with you; maybe you have different reasons for considering hypnosis training. As you read my thoughts, my hope is that it will generate new ideas in you or resonate with you in a positive way.

So here goes:

1.  I needed to be my own boss.  Seriously.  I have learned SO MUCH about who I am by taking this journey.  When I worked for others, I found myself increasingly frustrated, to the point of being resentful (not healthy!).  I saw poor decisions being made that impacted other people and their families, and my input was disregarded time and time again, even though I could see where these decisions were going to lead the company (and did.  Lots of people lost jobs.)  I couldn’t do it anymore, and I started to think, “gosh, am I lazy that I don’t want to go to work? Why am I so frustrated there? Why do I want to avoid that place? What’s wrong with ME?” Maybe that sounds familiar to you.

The human mind knows two forms of motivation:  AWAY FROM and TOWARD.  Yes, when I left the Fortune 500 world for my own small business I was motivated primarily by the AWAY FROM, but there was a pull TOWARD as well.  And I discovered almost immediately that when I’m working in an area of passion, I’m not lazy!  I’m not frustrated!  I’m JOYFUL!  And eager to share my joy and passion with others!

So, if you are finding yourself increasingly unhappy with your working status quo, you may discover new things about yourself (which by the way, was a HUGE boost to my self esteem!) by adding your own business, either full or part time.  Or adding hypnosis as a skill so that you can contribute to the well being of others in whatever way makes the most sense in your life.


2.  I can’t be fired from my own business. Or “laid off” or “downsized” or RIFed or whatever.  I used to be an HR generalist and I got to sit people down in a room and explain that their whole department had been eliminated and here’s your out placement package.  Sorry. Then I got let go when the company was sold.  At 6 1/2 months pregnant, it’s a shock to the system to not have a job to go back to.  I’ve seen so many people let go for various reasons not their own fault, and I think we have all learned in recent years–the only security in life is the security you create for yourself.

Yes, there are times when the phones slow down and if you run your own business  the first thing you have to get used to is that the same amount of money doesn’t show up in your bank account every two weeks.  But you also learn that you have more control and a higher “ceiling” working for yourself than working for someone else.  It’s all about mindset.  If things are slow, do your marketing. Get out and talk, network, etc. Create your own security!  I recently ran across a Wallace Wattles quote, which I shall butcher here, but basically it says if you aren’t rich yet, it just means you haven’t offered enough value to enough people yet.  THAT is the basis for true success and sustainable success.

I started this business the 2nd quarter of 2008.  Almost immediately my client schedule was pretty full. Then the fall of 2008 and the economic downturn came.  I’ll be honest, I was not happy. Pretty scared.  But I wasn’t fired.  I had a business.  And that circumstance forced me to learn how to get people to come see me.  My first business, ChangeWorks Hypnosis Center, has doubled its revenues almost every year since 2008!  And many of those years were in the worst economic times we’ve seen since the Great Depression.  If I can do it, you can do it, and the best part is the feeling of control over your destiny! I don’t go into the office, EVER, wondering if I’m going to be called into the office, given a bad review, demoted or let go. And I always know if I want more business I can be more creative, more active, and add more value to more lives.

3.  I love my family.  At my last position, one of the final straws was that the number of hours I had to put in kept growing and growing.  I went from a manageable 45 hour week to at max, 72 hours per week.  No salary increase.  My daughter was 4.  I got to see her awake for 45 minutes a day.  The 15 minutes that she was up and heading into daycare, and another 1/2 hour after I got home before her bedtime.  NOT OK with me.  If I needed to take time off to have her at the doctor or some other necessary parental involvement (hello? Kids are a 24/7 responsibility!) I actually got called into the manager’s office and told that I should take her to one of those daycares for sick kids instead of be home with my sick child. Not the memory I want my child to have of her childhood and her Mom.

My business, our business, the hypnosis business, is what I call a “lifestyle” business.  I set the hours I want to work.  If there’s something coming up, I construct my calendar around it. I don’t lose money, my client appointments flow around my priorities, which gives me time for my family, myself, and all the other things you have to do to keep a business going, the marketing and other things you do when you’re not seeing clients.  Like write this article!

4.  There are not many other careers you can take up and invest such a reasonable amount, and expect to have your investment returned and then some within the first year.  I invested $3,500 in my first hypnotherapy certification program. (Yeah, my first.  You develop an insatiable need to learn more and more in this field!)  I MADE $15,000, almost exactly, that first year.  Yeah, it was a bit of a bite from the $60K I was used to in my corporate life, but remember, we’re talking 2008 here.  And it has doubled, I kid you not, almost every year since.  And the years it hasn’t doubled it has still increased. And the real point is, I invested $3,500 in my training, and I got an almost 5X return on that investment in YEAR ONE. Everyone’s different, and “your results may vary,” but I know others who have had similar results. And this field continues to grow and be more accepted and visible, and a rising tide lifts all ships.

Contrast that to folks I know who have spent tens of thousands and even low six figures on an education and not been able to find a job.  I had a client awhile back, he was struggling to be happy. He had taken a master’s in family counseling, was over $100K in student debt and couldn’t find a job.  My own husband started his master’s in family counseling but then stopped when he did further research and realized how dismal the job prospects were.

Consider even a franchise–which I don’t know of ANY of any quality that don’t require $20K or more to get into and require you to have 4X that amount in your bank account in order to operate the business until it reaches its break even point. That’s a LOT of investment. According to Entrepreneur magazine, the average fee (initial outlay) for a franchise is about $35,000. That doesn’t include covering operating expenses out of your own funds until you reach break even. And you can’t usually expect to turn a profit until you’re in your 2nd or 3rd year of operations, as a general rule. Then you have to continue to pay franchise royalties annually, which can really reduce your profits (oh, and you have to pay some fees even if you don’t make a profit). At the end of the day, my business is mine, as a hypnotherapist. I admit it, I’m a bootstrapper.  But that means that I improve my business when and how it makes sense and stay financially solvent at all times.

The other great thing about this field is that you can take this training and make it unique to you.  We have graduates using these skills in a sales career; in nursing; in training; as life coaches, and as hypnotists.  I have always been passionate about not allowing myself to be limited in life–put into a box and labeled. This field allows me to grow, develop, change, and reinvent –as long as I continue to add value for others!

5. Neither last nor least, but in this spot in this article because as a stand up comic I learned to end on a high note:  I have seen lives change immensely through the work that we do.  I have client stories that I could tell you all day long for a week and not be done. My partner Jody Kimmell would say the same.  Like my weight loss client who was able to overcome his insomnia, lose 100 pounds and go from being unemployed on disability to being a park ranger, within months after starting to work with me, after years of struggling.  Or the client I had last week who was suffering from depression and now her mother just wrote this morning to tell me that she is doing “awesome” and she feels she has her “spunky” teenager back.  The nurse practitioner client who lost 75 pounds and found a love interest who she’s been with for a couple of years now. This training gives you the tools to empower people to improve their lives.  I fully believe that the natural tropism, or direction, of the human spirit (and body) is toward health and joy.  This work uniquely shows people their own strengths and abilities, and teaches them to carry that forward into their lives.  Compare that to giving someone a pill, and the message that you need this pill to be normal.  You/your body can’t do it on it’s own. Look at how dis-empowering that message is, and I am so excited to be part of the team that counters that message every day!  Becoming a hypnotherapist allows you to “be the change you want to see in the world” and help others do the same. CLICK TO TWEET

I hope some of this has resonated with you!  What are your reasons for wanting to learn to be a hypnotist?  Come train with us! We offer free 2 day trainings so that you can learn more about who we are, what hypnosis is, and make the decision on whether to change your life with our certification training, in a fun, no-risk way.  (hmmmm…are we adding value for you?)

Light & love,

Cindy Locher